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The Starter's Guide to Ecopreneurship

These days, people are becoming more and more aware of the devastating impact many companies have on the planet. As a result, plenty of budding business owners want to build a company that builds environmentally-minded policies right into its foundation. Ecopreneurship is the act of creating a company that is either specifically built to heal the planet, or which focuses at every turn on contributing little to no damage to the world around it.

The Havasi Wilderness Foundation is dedicated to helping people understand how to heal our planet and protect the plants and creatures that allow it to thrive. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide to help you create a company that contributes toward a healthier future for all:

Getting Started

Your first moves as a company can define your future:

● Set yourself up for eco-friendly success by starting your company in a city or neighborhood that already has basic environmentally friendly practices like recycling.

● Get your business registered as an LLC to protect yourself and simplify taxes so you can stay in business longer.

● When you choose a location for your business, try to find a building that’s set up with green features, or a landlord open to adding them.

Everyday Practices

Small choices add up when practiced consistently.

● Retail shipping has a massive impact on our collective carbon footprint, so prioritize local customers if possible.

● If you are shipping items, use sites that offset the carbon cost of shipping, or do so yourself.

● Use recyclable - or better, compostable - items wherever possible within your business.

● If you have one nearby, join a local composting co-op and add bins where neighbors and customers can drop off compost as well.

Wider Impact

Extend your reach to your local governments and beyond.

● Join local business organizations and help other entrepreneurs learn how to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their companies.

● Advocate for change at a government level, and consider hosting opportunities for politicians to share their eco-plans with the community.

● Offer up your space as a venue for classes about how people can build more eco-friendly habits into their own lifestyles.

Companies have the power to reduce their impact on the planet, and it’s always easiest to do these things from the start. Build these policies into your company from the beginning, and you’ll be able to maintain an eco-friendly business for years to come!

Contribute to protecting your local ecosystem by supporting the Havasi Wilderness Foundation today Article written by Nancy Cullen and for additional articles, her website is

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