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To bring about a realization of the interdependence of all living things and to protect animals from the negative impacts of pollution and land development.


A wilderness adventure provides tools with which to share knowledge and experience in a constructive way with family and friends. The best method of preserving wilderness is to give youths and adults hands-on experience. We feel we can bring about a shift in consciousness by exposing people to the following:

  • Animal Identification and Behavioral Interpretation

  • Bush Lore and Tracking Skills

  • Environmental Literacy

  • Nature of Wilderness

  • Personal Growth Development

  • Trail Mechanics

  • Interpretation of Landscapes and Earth Sciences

  • Group Dynamics and Assessment

    Environmental Responsibility and Accountability
    Ecosystems regulate and maintain the conditions on earth suitable for life, providing us with oxygen, food, water and other resources. They are essential to our cultural and social experience. Never before has our impact on ecosystems been greater. The dilemma? How do we sustain the ecosystems that sustain us?

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