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Join us as we turn your classroom into a state park!

What it is:
Interactive classroom program focusing on our local Chaparral ecosystem, chock full of hands-on artifacts and specimens from the natural world.

What it costs:
Nothing, it’s FREE!

This program is presented by Havasi Wilderness Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring people to protect and preserve our ecosystems. Presenting these educational programs to students is part of the organization’s mission.

What we do:
The presenting ecologist will take students on a virtual field trip into the Chaparral ecosystem via photos, video clips, animal/ bird sounds, and wildlife artifacts. Students will act as biologists to solve some of the mysterious puzzles of our natural world.

What is the time:
Programs run between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your class’s time requirements.

"Your Wild Backyard" Classroom Program

Available for Grades 1-3, and Grades 4 and 5.

For bookings, contact Lola West by email at

Available to schools in the Ventura County.

Contact us to see if we cover your location.

Hungarian Weekend School Educational Program

This is an educational program that consists of children of Hungarian ancestry who wish to retain and enhance their culture. Children go on field trips to learn about nature and then write and speak in Hungarian language about their experience.

Every Fifth Grader on the Water-Channel Islands Marine Floating Lab Module Program

This educational program takes children and families out on the water to learn more about the wonders of the harbor and ocean. It is part of the Channel Islands Marine Museum educational program that fulfills many of the core standards required in the third, fourth, and fifth grade curriculum.

California State University Santa Rosa Island Research Station Program

The foundation funds a program at the university in which students go to Santa Rosa Island and engage in natural and cultural resource based research and education via a partnership between the US National Park Service and CSU Channel Islands.

Science Program

A foundation annual grant helps inner city school children visit and learn about various scientific exhibits with interactive displays at the California Science Center. Education may involve marine biology, space exploration, the human body, and other scientific and cultural studies.

Wildlife Program


Annual foundation grants are awarded to support wildlife conservation. The foundation is actively engaged with the following:

  1. Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita Valley, California. Gibbons are an endangered species and this conservation center supports research and is open to the public on weekends.

  2. The Roar Foundation directed by Tippi Hedren in Acton, California helps rescue and maintain big cats (lions, tigers, panthers, bobcats, leopards, and many big cat species).


Lecture Program

Throughout the year the director and staff do photo shoots of wildlife and the ecosystem globally and in California. DVDs with music, video, and action still shots are created.

Community service organizations in Southern California can email an invitation to the foundation so this information can be shared to educate the public.

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