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Program funding for the Foundation comes from tax-deductible donations and public fund raising. While there are many individuals and programs committed to providing children with wilderness and outdoor adventures, the funding available to allow schools, groups and children to participate in those programs is limited. Your donations help fund this important organization that is dedicated to the Awareness and Respect for the wilderness and creatures who live there. Each year in California only 11 percent of grade 4 through 8 students have the opportunity to participate in an outdoor school experience. As a special “thank you”, your donation includes a digital copy of My Adventure In The Chaparral.

Donate Online

Send Check or

Money Order to

Havasi Wilderness Foundation
5739 Kanan Road, #206
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Purchase a book to support the Havasi Wilderness Foundation

Purchase a copy of one or both books and contribute to the Havasi Wilderness Foundation’s commitment to environmental education and preservation. Your purchase will include a bookmark and a digital download of the book as well. Wildlife stickers are included in My Adventure in the Chaparral. You can personalize the story in the wetlands book with your name as though going on the adventure yourself. 


>> Photography by Sandor Havasi


>> Written by Robert Kanner

>> Price for each book: $20.00 (+ $5.00 shipping within the United States)


>> Book orders deliver within 2 weeks of ordering

My Adventure In The Chaparral

My Adventure in The Wetlands

My Adventure in the Chaparral is a 45-page soft cover book with 30 color wildlife stickers and over 40 color photographs of flowers, plants, animals and birds filmed in the wild of California. Green and blue sidebars emphasize specific educational information throughout this easy to read and understand story.

My Adventure in the Wetlands is a 63-page soft cover book with over 100 color photographs of wildlife animals, flowers, and plants filmed along the coast of California. The book can be personalized with the reader’s name as though he or she is taking the journey as each wetland is visited. Educational explanations are clear and concise with yellow highlighted sections for emphasis.

  • Become a Member
    As a member of Havasi Wilderness Foundation, you will receive current news about environmental issues, wildlife, and plants via our website, blog, and newsletter. This information can be used in making responsible decisions on subjects affecting you and your family’s lives. You will support a foundation that educates the public on the importance of protecting and preserving our ecosystems so that future generations will be able to enjoy their lives. You will join a like-minded organization with similar interests in reducing human impacts on wildlife and the environment.
  • Help Elementary Schools
    Education for children and adults to learn more about wildlife animals and plants and our environment to help preserve it for future generations.
  • Help Us Raise Funds by Recycling Ink Cartridges
    Havasi Wilderness Foundation receives funds from Planet Green when you mail in and recycle used ink cartidges! Only by working together can we make a difference. Click on the link below to get your FREE USPS shipping label to recycle your used in cartridges. Make sure to use our ID code, 31513, when submitting!
  • Ralph's Community Contribution Program
    The Havasi Wilderness Foundation is now eligible for Ralphs Community Contributions. After registering your card with Havasi Wilderness Foundation, any time you swipe your card at a Ralphs store, Havasi Wilderness Foundation will receive a percentage of the proceeds from your purchase. Use our NPO number HB846 to select our foundation on sign up!


Havasi Wilderness Foundation works to connect children and adults to nature by providing opportunities for individuals to experience the natural world. The foundation funds wilderness and natural history field trips for schools and other groups including visits to state parks, national parks, wildlife refuges, museums, interpretive programs, and more.

Once a child is recommended for or identifies a program that he or she would like to attend, an application and personal letter that discusses the child’s hopes for his or her experience are submitted to the Foundation. Decisions will be made in April of each calendar year. Scholarship award decisions are made on the basis of the application and the personal letter, and funds are released to the accredited program in the applicant’s name. Children who receive scholarships are expected to report to the Foundation Board about their experiences. The Board is interested in learning how each child’s experience allows them to grow through challenges, to understand the need to respect the environment, to learn to put the interests of the group before their own, and to experience the joy of living and playing in the wild. All scholarship students are expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct because they are given the maximum degree of freedom and responsibility for themselves and their companions during their experiences. Please contact us for information on applying for funding.

The last three years of tax returns are posted on the GuideStar website which may be accessed at. Copies of the exemption application and annual tax return are available upon request.

Applying for Support

Applications must be received by March 31st of each year. Applications received after that date will be submitted for the following year.

Note: You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read these documents (or any pdf documents).

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