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Testimonial Gallery

Your generous gift provides us with the resources to continue our goal of providing environmental education and interpretation services to local schoolchildren and the community. March for Parks was a great success! Over 150 students attended this inspiring day out in the forest with our volunteers. Thank you for your efforts in supporting our chapter for our March for Parks event!

Redwood Chapter of Environmental Educators & Interpreters

“Thank you for your generosity. This fund will support children who otherwise would not be able to visit the park and our many programs. This is a gift of a lifetime for many of these students as we often hear the trip to Fort Ross is a lifetime memory and learning experience.”

Fort Ross State Historic Park

“We were excited to hear that we were selected to receive grant money from the Havasi Wilderness Foundation. This is a spectacular opportunity for us to update and increase our resource library.”

Yosemite Mountaineering School and Guide Service

“It’s nice to have quality resources at the Yosemite Mountaineering School and Guide Service instead of doing our own research and wondering if what we find is accurate.”

Joel F.

“It is much easier to educate myself on the natural resources and history of the park with the resource library. Without the library, I have to either purchase a book for this specific purpose or go on a tour. I like the flexibility of educating myself with the resource library.”

Sarah M.

“It is really helpful to have so many sources of information so readily available since our job requires us to have a well rounded base of knowledge.”

Julie S.

“Being a new guide I was eager to learn as much as I could about Yosemite in order to enrich my programs. Having the resource library was crucial in providing me the information I needed and more. Not only for studying up on facts at home but also the field guides that we were issued make every trip more interesting for the clients.”

Zach I.

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