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Sandor Havasi spent his growing up years in Europe with experience among forests and wild animal life. He came to America and married a textbook writer, Marilyn Takahashi Fordney. They began traveling and noticed many parts of the world are suffering from air and water pollution and some cities from over population. The success of Marilyn’s books led to the creation of two foundations. One was established in 2002 that supports youth in dance sport and the second created in 2008 educates the general public with respect to the importance of protecting and preserving the natural ecosystems.

The Havasi Wilderness Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to heightening awareness and appreciation of the natural environment. The foundation works to create greater awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving natural ecosystems, and to provide opportunities for children and adults to experience the wilderness firsthand.

The foundation strives to provide environmental education resources to the general public. Outreach programs focusing on local wildlife and the environment are available for classrooms, senior homes, youth groups, and other organizations at no cost. Contact us for more information on booking a presentation.


  • To protect and preserve some of the earth’s most precious places for future generations especially in our state and national parks

  • To increase exercise by walking and hiking thereby reducing obesity among youths and adults

  • To assist seniors in keeping active and mentally alert by walking with nature

  • To reduce stress and pressures of work and modern day
    living by finding peace and solitude in the wilderness

  • To create opportunity for socially and physically disadvantaged individuals to enjoy the beauty of nature

  • To obtain free recreation because the only investment is time and effort of visiting a city, state, national, or private park

  • To enhance understanding of global climate change and effects of air pollution


  • Schools and youth groups

  • Individuals and groups of adults

  • Special needs groups

  • Seniors who want to stay active

  • Bird and nature enthusiasts



  • Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains: Education programs for grades K-12

  • California Science Center Foundation

  • California State University Channel Islands: Santa Rosa Island Project

  • EARTHS Magnet School: HWF funded transportation for a field trip to Leo Carrillo State Beach

  • Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains: Education programs for grades K-12

  • California Science Center Foundation




  • Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains: Education programs for grades K-12

  • The Roar Foundation, Shambala Preserve

  • Zootopia: HWF provided funding for programs and supplies

  • California Science Center Foundation: HWF is a supporting partner


  • National Association for Interpretation: HWF became a life member and funded an educational program for schools enabling students to attend a weekend summer camp

  • Fort Ross State Historic Park: A HWF Fund was established to allow children from schools in the northern part of California visit the park and attend many of its programs

  • National Association of Environmental Education: HWF became a

    partner member

  • California Science Center Foundation

Havasi Wilderness Foundation works to connect children and adults to nature by providing opportunities for individuals to experience the natural world. The foundation funds wilderness and natural history field trips for schools and other groups including visits to state parks, national parks, wildlife refuges, museums, interpretive programs, and more. Please contact us for information on applying for funding.

The following organizations have received funding from the Havasi Wilderness Foundation in the past:


Please support the desires of many children and disadvantaged adults who may not be able to visit a state or national park by giving a tax-deductible donation.

The last three years of tax returns are posted on the GuideStar website which may be accessed here.
Copies of the exemption application and annual tax return are available upon request.

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