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To heighten awareness of the natural environment, including the relationship of an individual to, and the effects of human activities.

Goals & Objectives

To educate the general public and create greater awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving the natural ecosystems.


To protect and preserve some of the earth’s most precious places for future generations especially in our state and national parks.


Make A Contribution

Help More Children Explore the Wilderness Around Us

Your donations help fund the important organization that is dedicated to the awareness and respect for the wilderness and creatures who live there. Each year in California only 11 percent of grade 4 through 9 students have the opportunity to participate in any outdoor school experience.



Thank you for your generosity. This fund will support children who otherwise would not be able to visit the park and our many programs. This is a gift of a lifetime for many of these students as we often hear the trip to Fort Ross is a lifetime memory and learning experience.

Fort Rose State Historic Park

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