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Our Eagle Sighting Group, ready to go!

It is June and some members of the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, their families, and friends accompanied us to Lake Casitas to visit and see the bald eagle parents and their offspring. Luckily we had a caravan of three cars on a gorgeous bright sunny day with minimal clouds and light traffic. We started out from Agoura Hills, California at 7:30 AM to be sure to arrive early to see the wildlife and hopefully see the baby eagles (eaglets) getting fed.

A bald eagle’s messy nest, high up in the trees.

Upon arrival, we could see the giant eagle’s nest high in the Eucalyptus tree and one of the parents on a branch adjacent to the nest. When entering Lake Casitas, the road to the left follows around so one can park quite near to view the nest and with binoculars can view the two little baby eagles. The mother eagle could be seen high in the sky carrying towards the nest a “duck roast.” We were just in time to see the baby’s breakfast banquet.

We saw several bald eagles.

We could see that the drought has impacted heavily in this area and the water line is the lowest ever experienced in this region. One could see boats unable to maneuver in the water so that they are now grounded. The water wildlife is diminished in numbers. Some of the trees have died.

Even in the drought the ducks are still making use of the water.

Even in the drought the ducks are still making use of the water.

However, there are still plenty of birds to view. The following are what we bird watchers viewed besides the bald eagles:

Acorn Woodpecker                                      House Finch

American Coot                                               Hummingbirds (Anna’s)

American Crows                                            Killdeer

Ash-throated Flycatcher                              Lesser Gold Finch

Barn Swallow                                                Mallard Duck

Black-crowned Night Heron                        Mockingbird

Black-headed Grosbeak                               Northern Harrier

Black Phoebe                                                 Red-tailed Hawk

Brewer’s Blackbird                                       Red-winged Blackbird

Bullock’s Oriole                                             Robin

California Gull                                                Rock Dove

California Towhee                                        Snowy Egret

Canada Goose                                                Spotted Towhee

Chipping Sparrow                                         Starling

Dark-eyed Junco                                           Turkey Vultures

Domestic and Mallard Hybrid Ducks          Western Blue Bird

Great Blue Egret                                            Western Grebe

Great Egret                                                    Western Kingbird

Great-tailed Grackle                                      Western Scrub Jays

Hairy Woodpecker                                       Wrentit

A successful endeavor for the whole team.

On the return trip, we took our caravan to the Ventura Harbor for an outdoor lunch at famous Andria’s for their delicious fish and chips as well as other seafood dishes. Everyone commented on what a wonderful outing experience they had and were glad to be introduced to a new dining place. Of course, the highlight was the experience seeing the bald eagle family.

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