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Wait... Recycling is Fun!

With the long summer months approaching many students are loving their summer breaks! However, as the weeks go on they start spending less and less time out in nature or at the beach, and become glued to the screen. I unfortunately know this is true from experience. It is all too easy to get absorbed by the endless possibilities on the computer or gaming console.

While we generally encourage all kids to spend as much of their time outside learning about and enjoying the natural world, we understand too that sometimes you need a little inside time. For example, I am sitting at my desk writing this now, rather than frolicking through the creek. It is important to strike a balance here, and find what makes you most comfortable and happy, that way you can enjoy both the outdoors and indoors, rather than getting tired of one or the other!

It is important to realize as well, that spending time on the screen inside is not always negative, it mostly depends on what you do! To that end we were lucky to be contacted by with a fantastic resource for students. Here is the link to learn:

I am a huge fan of this interactive workbook they put together. It allows students to spend time on the computer, having fun, and learn a ton about how to properly recycle. I think it can motivate students to bring this knowledge to their friends and to their households.

If we can encourage the next generation to take care of our planet, then we really may be able to see a brighter dawn. I highly recommend all students take a look at this fun interactive workbook and start practicing these good recycling habits.

We also work with They take your used ink cartridges and recycle them. Throwing away ink cartridges instead of recycling them leads to lots of unnecessary waste. So please take these easy steps to preserve the earth and restock. You can leave a comment if you would rather we drop off the cartridges for you, and we can organize a pickup. Or you can send them in yourself using this link. You can also get a free shipping label to send your own cartridges in. Go to this link here: So then we can keep the recycle cycle going!

Just enter how many cartridges you will send in, and enter our code: 31513. So go ahead and get some recycled cartridges at a discount price then once you use all the ink, send them right back in with our code. Only with your help can we work to conserve our planet!

Photos by Alex Havasi, and from

Isaac Yelchin is foremost a herpetologist. He studies lizards, frogs, newts, and the like. Specifically, he spends all day and night thinking about what it is like to be an animal. What are the animals thinking about? What is their perspective? When he should be working, he sits and stares at his pet lizard asking himself these questions.

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