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The RCD is one of the educational organizations that receives annual grants from the Havasi Wilderness Foundation. This is our 5th year of participation. For schools that cannot afford the outdoor program fee, our funds are given to those elementary schools and high schools (K-12) so students can be taken on outdoor field trips throughout the school year to learn about wildlife, plants, and marine biology. These trips take place at the Malibu Creek State Park, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Topanga State Park, California Wildlife Center, and other wildlife areas.

On Tuesday, September 23, the RCD held its kickoff event for training personnel for taking elementary and high school students for various educational activities. Alex Havasi, director of this foundation and the assistant director, Marilyn Fordney were invited to attend. It was held at the Peter Strauss Ranch house.

The event had over 22 attendees and began with a lunch and then an introduction to the program by Stephen Vodantis, Education Program Supervisor. The Training Program for Environmental Educators is a program where one learns about water quality and wastewater treatment as well as identification and interpretation of plants, restored native flora, and upland habitat. Marine life and the health of the oceans is also emphasized and studied. In addition, a session about the birds of the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve is held.

For participants that enroll in the educational training, there is a small one time administrative fee to take part in these sessions. After successful completion, then a trainee must be observed and approved to lead school groups without assistance. Additional information is available at the RCD website: www.rcdsmm.org

We send our best wishes to each enrollee to successfully complete their training so they can take students on these outdoor excursions to learn and experience more about protecting our environment.

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