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Such exciting news for us at Havasi; our year has started off with a bang! We were featured in the Conejo View Winter edition in their business profile feature. The Conejo View is a quarterly business magazine and directory published by the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce. One of the major goals of the Conejo View is to “advance the educational, civic, economic and cultural interests of the City of Thousand Oaks, the City of Westlake Village, the City of Agoura Hills and the surrounding area.” It is exciting to be recognized by a group that values many of the things that Sandor, Marilyn and the rest of us with Havasi Wilderness Foundation are equally excited about.

Sandor and Marilyn have been hard at work since 2008 with Havasi Wilderness Foundation and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey for us all. Their dedication to “heightening awareness and the appreciation of the natural environment by educating the general public about the importance of protecting and preserving natural ecosystems” has made the Havasi Wilderness Foundation a very special place.

We look forward to many more opportunities to be able to share our love of the natural world with

others. And we are excited to continue to support, innovate and lead adults and children in greater appreciation and stewardship of the wilderness that is around us all. In the upcoming months we hope to continue to lead hiking groups, conservation, environmental education and outreach, and more online experiences! Thank you, Conejo View for recognizing the hard work and for partnering with us to “reconnect our communities with nature.” And thank you to Adam Haverstock and Samantha Uhrig for interviewing us and writing such an informative article about our nonprofit foundation.

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