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Signs of Drought

California is currently experiencing one of the biggest water droughts in the states history. This water shortage not only has an economical impact, but a large environmental affect as well. Without sufficient rainfall, Californians along with the rest of the nation will be affected.

A drought impacts us in many ways. One way is the vegetation, wild and farmland. When the vegetation dies in habitats affected by the drought, this affects the animals and insects in the surrounding area. Because of this, these animals are forced to migrate, and adapt or they end up dying. In some cases, when the animals within that habitat die, and the circumstances continue, they can end up extinct.

The affected vegetation is a big economical impact as well. When products are scarce, they become more expensive. According to the Department of Food and Agriculture, California accounts for 15% of national sales. This is a huge amount of income that if lost, could be devastating to our economy.

With more dead plants, dry areas, and hot weather, as you read in last week’s blog, these are perfect

Signs of Drought

conditions for wildfires. With an already large amount of destruction to the vegetation each year from wildfires, being in the middle of a drought can only make things worse.

Although the biggest remedy for the drought would be rain, there are ways we all can work together to conserve water to prevent bigger repercussions. Below are some tips you should put to use at home and outside.


  • Take shorter showers. In most cases, five minutes should be enough.

  • Don’t leave the faucet running while brushing your teeth or shaving.

  • Only flush the toilet after bowel movements.

  • Fix any leaks as fast as possible

  • Only wash full loads of laundry


  • Only water your lawn or plants 1-2 times per week. Do this in the morning to avoid quick evaporation from the sun.

  • Fix any sprinklers that are broken, have leaks or overspray onto the sidewalk.

  • Instead of washing dirt off your driveway, sweep it.

Droughts are a serious matter that can have a huge impact on the local environment, which affects everything connected to it. Harsh weather conditions can be somewhat inevitable, but there are ways to lower the affects if we work together.

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