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Havasi Wilderness Foundation will receive a $1.00 donation bonus every time one of our supporters subscribes to Planet Green’s newsletter

For over a year we have been participating in Planet Green‘s electronic recycling program, which helps our foundation raise funds for environmental education while eliminating electronic waste.

The importance of recycling is well-known throughout our society and often instilled upon us at a young age.  In most developed nations, residential recycling services are provided, and recycling many household items is as easy as placing the item into the appropriate bin.  That being said, there still is a significant portion of the American population who does not recycle, and oftentimes many public places do not provide recycling receptacles.

In the year 2009, about 25% of the municipal solid waste generated by Americans was recycled, with about 54% ending up in landfills.

Compare that with 1960, when less than 7% of America’s waste was recycled.

With greater awareness we are making progress, but there are still persistent problems.  With the human population reaching 7 billion in 2012, that’s a lot more waste being generated.  The impacts of human waste on the environment are profound.  Trash from the coast of North America and Asia often ends up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a gyre of marine debris – mostly plastic – located in the central North Pacific Ocean.  This patch of debris has had many negative effects on marine wildlife who inadvertently consume the plastic, and can have negative implications for human health as well.  Trash that is not littered remains in a landfill for quite some time before it decomposes.  Albeit many waste items cannot be recycled, it makes sense to prevent recyclables from sitting in a landfill unnecessarily.

Recycling bottles and cardboard boxes is easy, but what do you do with your old electronic items? E-waste items often end up in landfills when they don’t have to.  In many cases, there are ways of recycling these items.  Planet Green helps make this possible and effortless.

Planet Green, based out of Chatsworth, CA, recycles many used electronic items.  All of these electronic items are refurbished, remanufactured, or recycled in the United States.  This is something very important to consider when choosing where to recycle your e-waste items, since several companies ship e-waste items overseas to countries such as Ghana and China, where they accumulate and pollute cities and waterbodies.  In Agbogbloshie, a suburb of Ghana’s capital, Accra, large quantities of e-waste from developed nations have accumulated and many impoverished residents of the area dig through the waste to find items they can salvage and sell.

Hundreds of millions of tons of e-waste pile up in Agbogbloshie each year.

A similar situation exists in China.  Guiyu, a city in southeast China built completely around e-waste trade, contains miles and miles of heaps of old electronics.  It is now the largest e-waste site on Earth.  People living in Guiyu are highly exposed to the adverse environmental effects of this e-waste dump.  Children under 6 are highly vulnerable to lead poisoning which often causes developmental defects.  Many developed countries ship their e-waste to cities like Guiyu and Agbogbloshie because doing so is much cheaper than properly and safely recycling electronics.

Planet Green makes it easy for you to recycle your used electronics responsibly.  Another bonus of recycling with Planet Green: Havasi Wilderness Foundation receives funds every time you participate.

How it works:

Collect printer cartridges and small electronics in any used box.  Once you have collected at least twenty items, ship them to Planet Green using the free pre-paid shipping label provided.  Planet Green will then inspect the items and send Havasi Wilderness Foundation a check.  Additionally, if you live near the Agoura Hills area, contact us about possible drop off options.

Planet Green accepts the following small items:

  • · Inkjet Cartridges

  • · Cell Phones/Pagers

  • · GPS and Radar Detectors

  • · Mobile Hot Spots

  • · Calculators

  • · eBook Readers

  • · ipods/MP3 players

  • · Digital/Video Cameras and Camcorders

  • · PDA’s

  • · iPads/Tablets

  • · Video Game Consoles and Handhelds

  • · Video Games and Accessories

To obtain the shipping label and learn more, click here.

Special for the month of March:

We are now receiving fundraising bonuses for each person who signs up for Planet Green’s newsletters!  For the month of March, Havasi Wilderness Foundation will receive a $1.00 donation bonus every time one of our supporters subscribes.  Subscribing is easy: just click here and fill out the short form.

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