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Classroom presentation at Aspen Elementary’s Eco Action Team

In 2012 the Havasi Wilderness Foundation (HWF) added a new program to its environmental education activities: classroom presentations.  Alongside the outdoor education programs that HWF funds with the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, these classroom presentations serve to enhance and supplement  existing environmental education curricula at schools.  As part of HWF’s mission of increasing environmental awareness and appreciation, these presentations are available at no cost.

Classroom presentation at Aspen Elementary’s Eco Action Team

The presentations range from thirty minutes to an hour, with a focus on the ecology and interrelationships of plants and animals in our local ecosystems.  Presentations consist of a Powerpoint with images, video clips, and animal sounds, as well as hands-on artifacts from the natural world.  Student participation is a large part of the presentations. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of different grade levels, and are also available to youth groups, clubs, camps, and senior centers.  Currently, two separate programs exist: one focusing on local terrestrial (land) environments, and the other focusing on local aquatic environments.  A hybrid of the two programs is also available. Our first presentation took place in November at a 3rd grade classroom at Aspen Elementary School in Thousand Oaks. On January 10th we presented at Aspen Elementary’s Eco Action Team Meeting.

Presentation at Aspen Elementary’s Eco Action Team Meeting on 1/10/13

Students eagerly answer questions about our local wildlife

Please contact us for more information and to book a presentation.

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