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Havasi Wilderness Foundation is looking to feature the work of university students on our website.

With the start of the new school year, Havasi Wilderness Foundation wants to recognize the importance and value of our future environmental leaders by showcasing the viewpoints and perspectives of university students.

We are putting out a call for guest bloggers, in which we will feature the work of young aspiring environmentalists, biologists, journalists, or university school students with an interest in conservation, sustainability, and environmental issues.  This is a great opportunity for young writers and motivated students to get their work published online.

Guidelines: We are taking blog submissions from university students.  Students must be enrolled in an institute of higher education of some type (four-year university, community college, or graduate school).  Students can submit their entries via email, and two students’ pieces will be selected after the deadline.  The selected students’ blogs will be featured on the foundation’s website, with a short bio about the author.  Each winner will receive a gift card.

This month, we are looking for pieces pertaining to current environmental topics.   Students are encouraged to write about current environmental issues, events, debates, theories, or other topics of which they have a keen interest and feel strongly about.  Entries should fall within a range of 200 to 700 words.

Please email all entries to madisonmost@havasiwf.org.  Entries should be included in a word document as an attachment.  In the body of the email, please include the following info:

Full name

Name of school

Major or Intended Major

What you hope to do after graduating 

Short bio about yourself

Potential topics:

  • The Camarillo Springs Fire: your thoughts, feelings, or analysis of the potential impacts to the ecosystem

  • Uncovering secrets of the Chumash in the Channel Islands area

  • Herbal wilderness remedies/Local ethnobotany

  • Profile and provide insight to your favorite hiking location, state park, or wilderness area

  • Current conservation issues in Ventura or Los Angeles County

  • Ideas for greening your city

  • Why did you choose to go into your field?

  • Investigate a local threatened or declining species

  • Or any other current environmental topic of interest to you

*Deadline to submit: Friday, September 27th.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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