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Blue Whale Sea

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Rocking with the rhythm of the ocean, one feels almost in touch with its ever expanding beauty. What lies beneath the surface, beneath the waves? If you really want to know, get on the Condor Express, and just wait. Zooming out from Santa Barbara to the edge of Santa Cruz Island you join the whales in their playground. Something in the distance, a spray of water, then a grey barnacle covered island surfaces right before your eyes.

There is a certain sweetness, and air of gentleness about the big blue whales. It is quite funny that the largest animal on the planet wouldn’t even hurt a fly. I’m sure they even feel bad for the millions of krill they must eat. They rise to the surface gingerly, and slowly, then slink back under with such grace. Watching the blue whales gave me a deep feeling of calm, that I have carried with me since.

If you are ever so lucky to get the chance, GO GO GO! Everyone can benefit from a trip to go see these gentle giants. Of course if you are very prone to seasickness, you should just watch our video, with your feet on solid ground! It might not be the real thing, but you will get to see the whales and learn all about their intelligence.

Find Condor Express in Santa Barbra Harbor right near the pier. Get your eyes ready for a fantastic whale watching adventure.


301 West Cabrillo Boulevard, Santa Barbra Harbor, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Isaac Yelchin is foremost a herpetologist. He studies lizards, frogs, newts, and the like. Specifically, he spends all day and night thinking about what it is like to be an animal. What are the animals thinking about? What is their perspective? When he should be working, he sits and stares at his pet lizard asking himself these questions.

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