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Saturday, November 2nd, Old Agoura held its annual potluck BBQ. One of the invited guests was Stephanie Sayre and some of her volunteers for Wings of Discovery. Stephanie created a bird outreach nonprofit foundation that has as its mission to educate the next generation about birds of the world and how we can help conserve to make this a better place for those birds to survive in. This organization rescues birds that are injured that may or may not be released into the wild depending on the extent of their injuries. They also take birds to schools, camps, company meetings, special needs facilities, and other occasions to present their programs.

At the Old Agoura annual potluck BBQ, the birds presented were a falcon named Elsu, a horned owl named Kaui, and three Eastern Screech Owls named Frankenberry, Sterling, and Felix. Attendees enjoyed the up close and personal interaction with the wildlife as well as taking some photographs with them.

To learn more about the birds, visit their website at www.wingsofdiscovery.org or if you come across an injured bird telephone Stephanie Sayre at 818-917-0439.

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