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The founders of the Havasi Wilderness Foundation, Marilyn Fordney and her husband, Alex Havasi, were invited to visit the 5th grade students at Bert Corona Charter elementary school in Pacoima, California. This event took place on October 29th. They were greeted by instructor, Nallely Bravo, and the Director of Instruction, Daniel Rios.

Alex began a lively interaction session with the students asking them questions about what they remember after visiting the Malibu Lagoon and many students gave some input. These students were also equally interested in learning how to say a variety of words in different languages. This shows their curiosity and interest in other cultures. At this school, they are taught THE ESSENTIAL 5

We build respectful relationships with others

We take care of OUR property

We follow classroom procedures

We use appropriate language and tone

We are on time to class

This was shown when twenty-two students lined up in orderly fashion. Then, each was awarded a Havasi Wilderness Foundation Scientific Study Participation medal. A group photograph is shown here of them wearing their medals. We want to congratulate each and every one of the students and their instructor, Nallely Bravo, for taking time to visit the Malibu Lagoon and learn what sea life is all about. Several of the students mentioned how much they learned when obtaining ocean water samples and looking at the specimens under the microscope. Here they discovered a whole new world.

Students from the Bert Corona Charter elementary school with their medals.

At the end of the visit, our book entitled My Adventure in The Chaparral was given to instructor, Nallely Bravo, for future use as class discussion. Downloadable activity sheets are available on the website to reinforce learning about wildlife.

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