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Wilderness Journal: Turtle Invasion

red ear

We were visiting The Commons, in Calabasas the other day when we stumbled upon a wonderful koi pond! The little pond was teeming with life! It was fun to see that this pond, in a shopping center was home to koi and TONS of red eared slider turtles. The red eared sliders get their name partially because of the red spot behind their ears and because they “slide” very easily off of rocks. . . Pretty creative! Turtles are from the Chenloian Family, which also includes tortoises. What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Turtles are aquatic animals. They live in the water and have webbed feet and a streamlined body which helps them to swim easily. Certain types of turtles rarely leave the water, like sea turtles, while other turtles (like red eared sliders) live in ponds and lakes, and will climb out onto logs or rocks to warm themselves. Continue Reading →

Out of Africa: Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

In the upcoming month, we will be having the opportunity to visit a wildlife park known as “Out of Africa” located in Camp Verde, Arizona. This wildlife park is fun for all ages–it boasts a safari, animal shows and even opportunities to get up close and personal with various animal ambassadors! We are looking forward to the opportunity to check out some of these fabulous and awe-inspiring animals up close and in person. In light of this upcoming excursion, today’s blog is about wildlife preservation and animal rescues!


“Exotic animals” such as the lion, giraffe, and rhinoceros. . . even certain kinds of parrots have captured the hearts and imaginations of people for centuries. In ancient times, kings or ambassadors  would send “exotic animals” along with gifts of precious gems or other trade items to other kings or countries. These animals were then placed into menageries where the wealthy king or nobles would be able to visit.

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Something to Hoot About


Owls are raptors.

When you hear the word raptor, many people immediately envision Jurassic Park–but raptors are not just limited to these extinct dinosaurs! Modern day birds of prey (predatory birds) are commonly referred to as raptors.  Locally we have different kinds of raptors such as different types of hawks, eagles, and owls. The owl is a very specialized hunter which is rarely seen because it is most active at night.

Owls have incredibly developed hunting techniques and biology which enables them to hunt efficiently and silently at night. Owl’s wings and feathers are specialized for different hunting and flying reasons. The feathers on an owl’s wing have ridges and allow owls to fly almost silently through the air. This silent attack allows owls to catch their food suddenly and with little warning.

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