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Wilderness Journal: Finding Flora and Fauna in Urban Areas

Lately my wilderness explorations have been relatively local, to my work and to home. But that has created a new challenge in strengthening my new nature eyes. Even though I am definitely looking forward to another adventure into a more rural and “natural” area, I have found that even in the busy weeks and in the everyday grind there is wilderness all around us. All it takes is an awareness, open eyes and open ears, and you might be surprised.

Vultures flying high above

Vultures flying high above

Just this past week I was surprised by many different wildlife moments. While driving home from dinner on a quiet suburban road, my headlights shown on a plump rabbit. The rabbit immediately bounded away to safety. . . but it was there and it called this place home, just like me. Later when I was unpacking my groceries I was enchanted to hear a chorus of ribbiting and croaking and hearing the frogs croaking nearby. During my lunch break at work I took a pencil and a pad of paper and in less than ten minutes I’d encountered several cheerful phoebes, some quick flighty birds that were twittering up a storm (and which I wish I could have glimpsed better to have identified), and saw two huge turkey vultures riding the winds high high above. One of the vultures shook its tail mid-flight as it soared high above me, as if it wasn’t already an impressive sight. Continue Reading →

Families in the Wild


Incredible animal families

After moving this past weekend I was truly reminded of how much my own family and close friends have helped me to be able to grow and become the person I am today. And I am not the only one to have had the support of parents and a social or “family group.” People are social, and rely on each other to learn to grow and to be successful. But it is not just humans who are “social animals” but there are many incredible species who work together in family groups and communities. Some examples of these animals are: crows (seen in previous post), elephants, gorillas, dolphins, wolves, and many other animals stick together as families in order to survive and thrive.

There are definitely many animals that we overlook when thinking about “social skills.” Animals like the opossum for example, often get a bad reputation as being a pest or a nuisance. . . but they are an amazing marsupial and have their own ways of raising their young. If you’ve ever been out late at night and have seen an opossum mother with her little babies on her back, you’ve seen some of this parental care in action! Those baby opossums are not just getting a joy ride but they are observing and learning from their mother as she shows them how to find food, avoid predators and be an opossum. Continue Reading →

Our View at the Conejo View!

Such exciting news for us at Havasi; our year has started off with a bang! We were featured in the Conejo View Winter edition in their business profile feature. The Conejo View is a quarterly business magazine and directory published by the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce. One of the major goals of the Conejo View is to “advance the educational, civic, economic and cultural interests of the City of Thousand Oaks, the City of Westlake Village, the City of Agoura Hills and the surrounding area.” It is exciting to be recognized by a group that values many of the things that Sandor, Marilyn and the rest of us with Havasi Wilderness Foundation are equally excited about. index2

Sandor and Marilyn have been hard at work since 2008 with Havasi Wilderness Foundation and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey for us all. Their dedication to “heightening awareness and the appreciation of the natural environment by educating the general public about the importance of protecting and preserving natural ecosystems” has made the Havasi Wilderness Foundation a very special place.

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Cheers to a Healthy New Year

Children group in Topanga State Park.

We at Havasi Wilderness Foundation wish you a very 2016! And in honor of the New Year and the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions we wanted to give you some encouragement from the animal kingdom and tips on keeping your resolutions. Before I graduated from University I never really was interested in making resolutions, because for me the school year was more of a new start than January. But now I find myself like many others trying to figure out how I want this 2016 year to look: healthier, happier, braver, more time outside and in nature. . . And much more! But one of the most common resolutions each year has to do with health. Especially after the holidays filled with sweets, feasts, and celebrations, for many it’s time to get serious and get ready for summer! One cool thing about us is that we can learn a lot about how to keep some of those New Year’s Resolutions we can learn from some awesome zoo keepers and vets. Continue Reading →