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Volcanoes and Global Cooling

It has been theorized that colossal volcanic eruptions throughout history have disrupted global climate and even caused the onset of glaciations.  Could the Yellowstone Supervolcano bring about the next ice age?

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines.  1991.

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. 1991. Global temperatures dropped by about 0.9°F following the eruption


Yellowstone National Park, the oldest and one of the most renowned national parks in the world, lies atop a volcanic hotspot with a history of colossal eruptions (the most recent eruption occurred some 640,000 years ago).  There has been much speculation about the possibility of this supervolcano erupting again, as well as ponderings about its implications for humankind.

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Family Nature Hike Recap

Our First Family Nature Hike with Oak Park Neighborhood for Learning was tons of fun!

Nature Hike in Oak Park

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky at 8:00am Saturday morning when several families from the Conejo Valley area gathered at Oak Canyon Community Park to join us for a nature hike.  Organized by Oak Park Neighborhood for Learning, these nature hikes are a new program intended to provide opportunities for families with young children to stay active and learn together.  About a dozen families showed up for the first hike, full of energy and eager to search for the various critters that inhabit our local native ecosystems. Continue Reading →

E-Waste Recycling with Planet Green

Havasi Wilderness Foundation will receive a $1.00 donation bonus every time one of our supporters subscribes to Planet Green’s newsletter

For over a year we have been participating in Planet Green‘s electronic recycling program, which helps our foundation raise funds for environmental education while eliminating electronic waste.

The importance of recycling is well-known throughout our society and often instilled upon us at a young age.  In most developed nations, residential recycling services are provided, and recycling many household items is as easy as placing the item into the appropriate bin.  That being said, there still is a significant portion of the American population who does not recycle, and oftentimes many public places do not provide recycling receptacles.

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